Help! I Got Arrested In Wellton, Arizona!

Where is Wellton? An old client called my paralegal the other day in hysterics. “I got arrested in Wellton for pot possession.”  You may be asking…“Where the hell is Wellton, Arizona?”

Having had many clients arrested in Wellton, I can tell you that it is more than just a great place to top off your gas tank outside of Yuma; it is also a popular place to get arrested for drug possession. The Interstate 8 Checkpoint is designed to catch major drug traffickers and for immigration purposes.  I-8 is a major artery for human and drug smuggling.  It has also recently become a hotspot where my clients (ranging from doctors to ASU students) are being arrested for possession of Marijuana (POM).  With unreliably well-trained sniffing dogs inspecting freight trucks, they also hone in on the casual pot smoker who may have left a joint in their pocket or car from their fun-filled weekend in San Diego.

My client is now facing charges in Yuma County.  Fortunately, we have a good working relationship with the Yuma County Prosecutor’s office.  She is also lucky because the quantity of marijuana found was only a few ounces.  We will work hard to help her avoid a felony conviction and repercussions to her professional license. Yes, I’ve been to Wellton. Nice people, nice town…but not a place where anyone should want to spend jail time.

Remember, if you are arrested in a small town like Wellton, just like in a major city like Phoenix or Tempe, you have an absolute right to an attorney and to remain silent.  Politely inform the officer that you would like to speak to your attorney before answering any questions… and call your lawyer. 


One thought on “Help! I Got Arrested In Wellton, Arizona!

  1. Ha–wish I’d known this a few months ago when an acquaintance of mine was “arrested in Wellton Arizona”. Little did I know we have a local expert on that. Next time I’ll know. ~~ Annette

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