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The Perils of Being A ‘Sugar Daddy’

An article ran in the Huffington Post about the phenomena of college women engaging in paid arrangements with older men.  Around the world, there are countless websites which facilitate these “friendships” for a fee.  An expensive fee was not all … Continue reading

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Foreign Adoption: A Tragic Ending to a Happy Story

The nature of my practice exposes me to stories that you would not believe.  Some of them play out like Lifetime Television movies.  When the story ran in the New York Times about the Russian adoptee who was simply put … Continue reading

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Help! I Got Arrested In Wellton, Arizona!

Where is Wellton? An old client called my paralegal the other day in hysterics. “I got arrested in Wellton for pot possession.”  You may be asking…“Where the hell is Wellton, Arizona?” Having had many clients arrested in Wellton, I can tell … Continue reading

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The Doctor’s Wife…Who Left Her Kid In The Car

A child being left in the car is usually front-page news in Phoenix.  It is a tragic death, as the inside of a car in the summer can reach 200 degrees. In Maricopa County, parents who leave children in the … Continue reading

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