Gregg R. Woodnick, PLLC Blog Launch

Representing parents accused of abusing or neglecting children is not glamorous. During my early years as an attorney, I took on hundreds of court appointed cases and was asked to represent some less-than-likable parents/defendants.  Unfortunately, when the Court asks you to represent someone who is accused of a vile act, you often do not have the luxury of declining the case.  Yes, this means I have defended child molesters, rapists and baby-beaters.

I truly believe in Due Process and the notion of innocence until prove otherwise, even under the most vile of circumstances. Those courtroom experiences taught me much about advocacy and justice.  Our investigation and understanding the forensics of injury and psychology taught me that sometimes the police and CPS make mistakes.  Sometimes there are explanations for injuries that are truthful and not related to someone intentionally causing harm.  Sometimes the system prematurely jumps to conclusions.

I hope that this blog serves as a platform to share some experiences and thoughts and as a resource to parents, friends and families dealing with allegations of child abuse and neglect.  Of course this blog is not meant as legal advice.

Future entries will address topics such as:

Defending Munchhausen’s Cases

Responding to False Sexual Abuse Claims

Mandatory Reporters and CPS

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Methamphetamines and Parenting

Substance Exposed Newborns


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